TIMWIT Comics had been downloaded over 15,000 times.
That is all.



Sorry, I haven’t been blogging lately. Not here, at least.

I’ve started a blog called Thank you, Rita! (thankyourita.wordpress.com)

It’s a daily record of the most generous person I know, my friend and co-worker, Rita DeMontis. I’ve seen her share on a daily basis for over two decades.

Rita gives. She’s a giver. Any of my co-workers would agree. Yet, I’m not trying to encourage her. I hope no one feels I’ve started this blog to get more snacks.

It’s about generosity. There are lessons to learn here. I know I could give more.

Also, I see it as an interesting event going on around me, one I feel the need to record.

And, it’s quick. I do the whole blog with my iPhone. It un-literally takes no time at all.

It’s fun, too. Looking back over the pictures, I have noticed a kind of nostalgia for past snacks. Fond memories of last month’s lemon pound cake.

TIMWIT Comics 1.3 has been approved!

Good news. The TIMWIT Comics update I submitted two days ago has been approved.


I asked for — and was granted — the expedited treatment. If you have a good excuse, Apple will rush your app through the review process queue. My excuse? Apple was promoting my app in their new Comics section and it was crashing hard in the new iOS4.

Getting this update in the store fast was a win/win for both of us. Thanks Apple.

Now, when can I pre-order my iPhone 4?