First day of celebrity

I hid behind an iPad.

Thanks to my friends at the Sun

Lovely article about my TIMWIT Comics iPhone app in the Toronto Sun.

Thanks, everybody.



Home page

Got my picture on the cover of Thank you, Dave.

And thanks to Gravy, JK, Strobel, Yoshio, Farm, and whomever proofread tomorrow’s page 10. Cyn.

Buy the Sun. It’s only 50¢.

Great day

What a day! Here are the highlights:

Today I realized I’m on vacation when I thought of work for the first time in seven days. The weather in British Columbia is beautiful. Thank you, Sun.

Today I was told my five-year-old has a natural golf swing. Good for you, Leo.

Today I was informed a new version of my TIMWIT iphone app was back from the labs and looking good. Thank you, Noel and Nick.

Today I shared a laugh with my father. Thanks, Dad.

Today I enjoyed a delicious feed of moose meat in gravy thanks to Uncle Dave and Aunt Dot and my mother’s fine cooking skills.

Today I discovered a write-up about me in The Telegram, Newfoundland’s main newspaper. It was by an old friend, too. Thank you, John.

Today I saw strength in my wife I hadn’t seen before. Thank you, Natalie.