All is well.




Street preacher

This guy isn’t shy.

I like these pics I took of him.




I am particularly proud of this walrus. It flowed out of my pen without any mistakes. I play a kind of game where I try to draw perfectly in ink only. It usually doesn’t work out so well. The joke may not be the best but the face has such charm.

New blogs

I’ve created a few new blogs. Besides thankyourita.wordpress.com there’s instagram.wordpress.com where I post my best Instagram pics.
And instatoon.com where I post these Instagrams of my doodles. They look like real cartoons but they are quickly drawn without help from pencil or eraser. Just a pen, paper and an idea. Sometimes they are good. But most certainly not perfect.


TIMWIT Comics had been downloaded over 15,000 times.
That is all.


Sorry, I haven’t been blogging lately. Not here, at least.

I’ve started a blog called Thank you, Rita! (thankyourita.wordpress.com)

It’s a daily record of the most generous person I know, my friend and co-worker, Rita DeMontis. I’ve seen her share on a daily basis for over two decades.

Rita gives. She’s a giver. Any of my co-workers would agree. Yet, I’m not trying to encourage her. I hope no one feels I’ve started this blog to get more snacks.

It’s about generosity. There are lessons to learn here. I know I could give more.

Also, I see it as an interesting event going on around me, one I feel the need to record.

And, it’s quick. I do the whole blog with my iPhone. It un-literally takes no time at all.

It’s fun, too. Looking back over the pictures, I have noticed a kind of nostalgia for past snacks. Fond memories of last month’s lemon pound cake.